Build Your Own Quesadilla Bar
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Must-Haves: Flour or Corn Tortillas, Cooked Ground Beef, Leftover Shredded Beef
  • Add-Ins: corn, refried beans, red bell pepper, chopped green chiles, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, onion, shredded cheese
  • Toppings: Sour Cream, Avocado Slices, Salsa, Guacamole, Hot Sauce, Limes, Fresh Cilantro, Black Olives
  • Unique Options: Broccoli slaw, shredded cabbage, Greek Yogurt, Roasted Vegetables
  1. Cook and chop all the ingredient your family wants for their quesadillas
  2. Put quesadillas together and cook in the microwave, stove-top, or oven!
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